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Amusement park Tsitsinatela

Amusement Park Tsitsinatela located 800 m from Shekvetili to Kobuleti way. Available in a park rides suitable for all ages of children and adults. For the season Tsitsinatela amusement park is visited by 300 000 visitors, most of them children. 36 rides operating in the park: 8 children, 17 families and 11 extreme. There is also a bowling-center, go-kart tracks, up to 100 slot machines in four well-equipped rooms. Visitors service two summer pizzeria, coffee rooms, a bar and 7 shopping centers. Amusement Park Tsitsinatela operates from 15 June until 19 September.

Concert Hall Black Sea Arena

Concert Hall Black Sea arena located in Shekvetili. It can take 6,500 visitors. Conveniently located car parking designed for 2000 cars. The main part of the arena is the concert space, which is composed of two independent buildings. Concert Hall is an amphitheater, which is equipped with all necessary equipment. The movable roof adjusted to the weather. If necessary, room overlaps remotely. The operation takes about 10 minutes. The concert space adapted for the disabled. There are special places for them. Here there is also a VIP room at 333 guests. Structurally arena resembles the Roman Coliseum. Therefore, the visibility here is ideal from any point. Arena is suitable for events of all kinds. Here it is possible to carry out different types of cultural and sporting events. Black B Arena is equipped with security systems meet international standards.

Park Georgia in miniatures

Park Georgia in miniatures is the models of cultural and historical monuments of Georgia. Here, in miniature sizes presented cultural and historical monuments and other attractions as architectural structures. Park Georgia in miniatures occupies 2 hectare of land. It is located near the amusement park Tsitsinatela. The complex includes: park, miniatures, a visitor center, a mini amphitheater, café and facilities with another appointment. The park presents 44 attractions in 1:25 scale. Here guests can enjoy the interesting places for them.