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Black magnetic sands

Magnetic sands are sand from magnetite mineral. They truly bring health benefits. In Georgia, they are found mainly in Grigoleti, Ureki and Shekvetili.

The magnetic fraction in the sand reaches 23%, iron ranges from 37-47%. Magnetic digestibility of sand is 13-25 times more than usual. All this creates a magnetic field of low intensity, which for some reason is useful for the organism.

Under the influence of the magnetic field on the human body, chemical and biological processes change, which impact on the concentration of hydrogen in organism, the ability to coagulate blood and other biological processes. The magnetic field has a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates tissue regeneration. Magneto therapy is used in peripheral vascular diseases. It has a beneficial effect in case of bed wetting in adolescents. Accelerates rehabilitation for injuries.

This extraordinary, strongly magnetized sand (up to 70%), by virtue of which it favorably affects the human body and can cure many serious illnesses. Once, this ability of black sands, was actively used in medicine. Magnetic therapy treated diseases of the heart and blood vessels, the musculoskeletal and nervous system, respiratory organs, rickets, cerebral palsy, trauma, etc. Especially positively and quickly the healing process took place in children. But nevertheless still there are exceptions. Magnetic sands are not recommended for people with tuberculosis, asthma, blood problems and malignant tumors, as they can exacerbate problems. All the rest, rest in Shekvetili on a sandy beach will not only enjoy, but also benefit. The magnetic field of sand can also accelerate biological processes and regeneration, strengthen the immune system and the body as a whole.