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Resort Shekvetili

Shekvetili is one of the Beach resorts in Georgia. It is a located on the Black Sea coast, in Ozurgeti municipality. Located on the Guria lowland, at a height of 4m above sea level. Distance to Ureki – 16km, Kobuleti – 4km.

Georgia’s famous magnetic beaches are located in Grigoleti, Ureki and Shekvetili. The resort beach has rare magnetic sand that has amazing healing properties for the human cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory and bone systems. The magnetic field has a healing effect on almost all areas of the human body. In the modern world, to use a low-frequency magnetic field intensively has begun in physiotherapy. Thus, the well-known “magnetic therapy” was born.

The swimming season begins in May, but some people do not neglect the opportunity to plunge into the sea in April. The sea in this place is shallow and very pleasant for swimming. The coast is wide with a gentle sandy bottom, which goes far into the sea – 80–120 meters from the coast, which is especially convenient and safe for splashing children. If we add to the above that a pinewood begins right from the beach, then it will become that ecologically it is the cleanest place on earth. The combination of the sea breeze with mountain air, enriched with pine aroma, the rays of the southern sun and the special properties of magnetic sand, make Shekvetili indispensable for rest and strengthening health. Here, vacationers get enough energy to lead an active and happy life throughout the year.